Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rehab is the new Black

You know this is some media bullshit that some PR person pieced together.

"Friend Says Lindsay Lohan Is 'Happy' in Rehab."

Bullshit. No one is happy in rehab. That's why you go to rehab, retard.

Now that I write the word rehab more and more, it's beginning to look less and less like a real word.

Anyhow, the article from continues the charade by saying, "'She's happy where she is and is just taking time to herself to learn and be okay,' stylist friend Nate Newell told PEOPLE at Wednesday's Los Angeles opening of the flagship Diesel store on Melrose Place. "I've been in touch with her and she likes it." After a weekend of partying following her DUI citation, Lohan checked into Promises treatment center in Malibu on Memorial Day."

Nothing beats talking about your friend who's in rehab at the opening of the NEW DIESEL STORE!!! WHOO HOOO.

Newsflash, Nate Newell. Diesel clothes are no longer cool - trust me, I worked there - overexposure killed Diesel. Perhaps Lohan shares the same fate.


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