Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lolita Blohan: A Tragedy

Don't be fooled by the red circles. The picture above does look a lot like Bjork's new album art, where she's dressed up in clown makeup. No friends, this is Lolita Blohan, and I'm simply highlighting all the signs that Ms. Blohan is riding the cocaine train...
1) The eyes. They're completely bloodshot and show signs of little sleep.
2) The red dot on her nose. I assume her nose is falling off due to extended cocaine use. It's burning a whole right on through. and
3) Her mouth. That subtle downward slant of the smile is a clear indication that she's flying high like Jimi Hendrix on a magic carpet ride.

After spending 30 days in rehab earlier in the year, Lolita emerged glowing, and although it was simply a really nice spray-tan, the public was convinced that this Hollywood Skanklet had cleaned up her act. On the contrary.

She's going back to rehab, and this time it's going to be different! You’re going to Promises! YAY! That's like totally where Britney went and look at her now!!

BTW, did you all catch the photos of Lolita falling and all passed out inside that car over the weekend? Classy gal.

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