Monday, March 13, 2006

Budgeting Spenderline

Britney is putting the world’s most useless procreating man, her skanky husband K-SPED, on a budget. Kevin is blowing through Britney’s fortune quicker than you can say “food stamps” and she’s now taking the responsibility to teach him responsibility. Obviously his parents forget to start teaching him this lesson 20 years ago which is why his wife must treat him like a child. He’ll receive a monthly allotment for clothing, going out, daily activities, liquor, weed, etc. Any big ticket items like travel and cars need to go through the Britney approval process. With their relationship on troubled Hawaiian waters, I can imagine Britney approving a trip would probably be more difficult than jobless Kevin passing a credit check.

A source at the Four Seasons is reporting that they were in the elevator with Britney and she was screaming at K-SPED on her cell phone because she had been waiting in the suite all day for Kevin to call and she had been trying to reach him and she couldn’t sit there any longer. I wonder what kind of cell phone Brit has because I never get reception in elevators. Anyway, I’m almost hoping she isn’t knocked up again because it’s just never a good sign when Daddy still has an allowance. Remember kids, if it weren't for Britney he'd be calling that shopping cart "home." [source]


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