Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mood Music: Sidsel Endresen

Take this Dino, jk! I love me some José, but I have been obsessing with this bia...take a listen.

Click here

Mood Music: José Gonzalez

Two days in a row my friends. WHAT NOW!? **chest bump**

Yesterday, I talked about my love of eastern european sounds... you know horns and percussion, blah blah blah. Today, I wanted to talk about an acoustic sound that is another one that I just can't get enough of - José Gonzalez.

His second album is called In Our Nature and it was released in late September. This dude knows how to play the guitar - his pronunciation is a little fucked - he slurs everything he says and I'm already not that great at figuring out lyrics on my own. I was looking up lyrics to the song Teardrop the other day, which by the way is an old Massive Attack song, and I was WAY the fuck off on the lyrics I thought he was singing. Whatever. This album is amazing.

So, apparently José wants to put out a series of music videos about "the sins of humanity." Here's the second in the series - the video for Teardrop. Enmuthafuckinjoy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mood Music: Beirut

No worries! I'm back from hiatus.

I was myspacin', friendsterin' and facebookin' it when it occurred to me - I SHOULD BE BLOGGIN' instead. So I've decided that the first thing I want to discuss is the plethora of great new music that I've been listing to. Hopefully some of you share my taste in music - perhaps some of you don't. But! It's all good. I think if you listen to some of these tunes, regardless of what music you usually listen to, you'll find that you like some, IF not all of it!

Seriously. I know my shit.

This is Beirut's second album. You can read the more detailed account of Beirut's musical history elsewhere, because what I really want to talk about is the music itself. Zack Condon, the lead singer, has this Eastern European-inspired sound - with horns and percussions that seem to be some soundtrack from some old war movie. I can't get enough. Check out this video of him and his band...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can Any of These Singers Actually Sing Live Music During A Concert?

JLo is a magical superstar singer. She can trip, almost fall and she still doesn't miss a note of that song!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Better Than Britney

This is so cheap and cheesy I couldn't resist:

Rock Of Love

VH1's Rock of Love reunion was last night. It was rather disappointing. A few of the girls dished on sex and orgies in the house. Bret Michaels said he was "turned on" after just about everything. Gross. The winner basically said the show was bullshit and said he picked the wrong guy. She suggested he should've picked the girl with big hair who tattooed his name on her neck. Here is a video of Bret acting extra-douchey:

Friday, October 05, 2007

Gimme More - Video

YOUR 15 MINUTES: Fire In My Pants (not talking about a yeast infection).

Ok. I suck at blogging lately. I promise I will return to my old non-stop-blogging self soon. Please forgive me because I have a story for you:

The new iPod Nano is hot. But one Douglasville man said his old Nano got even hotter -- hot enough to burst into flames. "So I look down and I see flames coming up to my chest," said Danny Williams. Williams said the burn hole from the pocket of his pants marks the spot of his 15 seconds of flame. He said he had an iPod Nano and an glossy piece of paper in his pocket. He believes the paper shielded him from being burned. "I'm still kind of freaked out that after only a year and a half my iPod caught fire in my pocket," said Williams. The iPod uses a lithium ion battery -- the same type of battery under recall for setting laptops on fire. Williams said the fact is iPod Nano burst into flames while he was at work was bad enough, where he works could have been another issue. He works at a kiosk in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. "If TSA had come by and seen me smoking, they could have honestly thought I was a terrorist," said Williams.

iPod nano: the latest trend in IEDs. Ok IED's aren't funny but still...I wish my iPod would catch on fire at work so I could leave early. Totally an excuse I haven't used yet!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MOOD Music: Brett Dennen

Hooty hoo, to my red headed people, enjoy...

My EXCUSE, I mean I'm Sorry Too...

So I guess I am going to have to take some time from tipping cows and making maple syrup? My move to The Big VT has slowed my postings indeed. But now that our condo got electricity and indoor plumbing, there will be no more excuses. Promise... I leave you with this...