Wednesday, March 29, 2006

YOUR 15 MINUTES: Hotel Wal-Mart

For Spring Break this year, 20-year old Drake University sophomore, Skyler Bartels, decided he didn’t want to go to the beach like the rest of the world - he headed to Wal-Mart. Yes, you read that right. He went to Wal-Mart for spring break. His so-called brilliant plan was to spend a week in a 24 hour Wal-Mart to test his survival skills. Wow, this kid real Davey Crockett, isn't he? I can already tell you a Wal-Mart has anything you need to live for a week. Why don’t you try, say, the wilderness? His college advisory thought it was a great idea. What Skyler really needed was to have me advise him. I’d slap the shit out of him and hand him a ticket to South Beach.

He made it 41 hours in the Iowa Wal-Mart spending his time checking out shoppers, reading magazines, watching movies on the DVD displays and playing video games. He ate at the in-store Subway and took naps in the bathroom. I wouldn’t even piss in a Wal-Mart bathroom less than “nap” in one. Employees eventually noticed him and since he was already hallucinating from lack of sleep, he decided to go home before he was thrown out. Of course now he’s going to be famous – he’s talked with a book agent, been contacted by New Line Cinema about a movie concept and did a radio interview with National Public Radio. [source]


dino said...

WTF... walmart? i thought going home to pennsylvania for my spring break junior year was lame. i sure as hell haven't received any movie offers either.

hellocollenie said...

i'd rather live in Target

Anonymous said...

How is he making money off of this, they made a shitty movie about it with Natalie Portman years ago. And 41 hours? Pussy. Kid's clearly an amateur, I could go weeks if I didn't have a job or friends (and if that's his spring break, I'm guessing he has neither).

layla said...

I agree with hellocollenie - I'd rather live in Target too. Hate WalMart!

I cannot believe this kid is going to make $$ off this. He must have read that Oprah book Where The Heart Is...about the pregnant girl living in WalMart (yep anon 4:43, the Natalie Portman movie).

Anonymous said...

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