Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I don't watch American Idol but I do know it's down to some grey-haired man and some plain looking brown-haired girl. The winner should be decided shortly. We're not here to talk about that thought…we're here to talk about this purple jacket. The grey-haired man is Taylor Hicks and he does not belong in this jacket. EVER. TMZ is reporting that Taylor went to the LA store Traffic with his stylist (yes, he has a stylist for whatever reason), tried on this jacket, said “ok, I feel it” and instantly bought the Dolce & Gabbana number for $1,648. He paid $1,647.99 too much. The stylist should be bound, gagged and forced to watch American Idol reruns for a month straight. Prince wouldn’t even look good in this jacket. Barney the dinosaur wouldn’t even look good in this jacket.

Taylor doing his best impression of the expression I made when I saw him in this jacket:

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Sarah said...

Oh need to find the Idol finale video where David Hasselhoff was crying. It was priceless!