Friday, June 30, 2006

Forget your vitamins, here's a Scientology video

I was going to show you an official Scientology terrorist training video...or what they call "orientation" video but it seems that the Church of L. Ron Hubbard of Latter Day Saints had YouTube remove it before I could get it on our site. L. Ron Hubbard forbid that we see "official" Scientology material without actually being we can make fun of it, of course. Does anyone other than me remember the Scientology commercials that used to air on TV in the 1980's? I was able to find one. I always wanted to call that 1-800 number...I think sometimes they offered a free video... but thankfully I had a mother who kept me out of cults. You know they totally would've bilked me out of my allowance money.


Little Miss Domestica said...

I had a mom that kept me safe from cults too. Everytime I was in Vancouver on Hastings, Scientologists were trying to get me to do a personality quiz. Mom never let me.

Anonymous said...

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Golf Guru said...

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