Monday, June 26, 2006

She Was So Blonde She Sold The Car For Gas Money

Since there is nothing else more interesting going on in the world, let's talk about hair. Now this would be a totally appropriate conversation if my occupation was "hair stylist" but alas, it's not. Last week I made fun of Britney's new do. It looks better than it did the other day. I still think she should've gone a shade or two lighter so it's not SO close to black. Here are more pictures: I jokingly said she was "trying to be Angelina" but I think she's actually trying to look like a different mom-- her own. For the love of all that's good, please tell me that is NOT a scrunchie in Lynn's hair. I hope it's an illusion created by someone wearing a hat off in the far distance. VS.
Everyone is trying to rip her a new asshole, in the series of new assholes being ripped; this time for dying her hair while she's pregnant. Personally, I'm glad she dyed her hair. The fetus was created from Kevin Federline's sperm which is fifteen times more toxic than hair dye. It’s been scientifically proven in a double-blind study done by two leading labs (led by me, of course). The baby is already going to come out glowing neon green so why not do something about that weave?


adrienne said...

i love you.

lucea said...

thank u thank u thank u!
that scrunchie was driving me nuts and NO ONE was commenting on it...
thank you!

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