Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sports Illustrated: Sears Edition

Sports Illustrated recently did an interview with Danica Patrick. She’s a female racecar driver with the perfect name for porn. For a female racecar driver she’s rather attractive which is probably the reason Sports Illustrated, and men in general, pay attention to her. The interview was rather bland: she likes working out, doing extreme yoga in rooms over 100 degrees, lifting weights, New York Fashion week, Gucci, Christian Louboutin shoes (although hers look more like Nine West--definitely not Louboutin), she has obsessive fans, she met her physical therapist husband after she injured her hip in extreme yoga, she has a husband which is a total turn-off so I stopped reading the interview. The interview isn’t what initially caught my attention; it was the accompanying photoshoot. Sport Illustrated must’ve been a little tight with money and time because it looks like they sent her straight to Sears Portriat Studio to get a discount portrait package. A satin backdrop, a wooden stool and some New Balance sneakers. Doesn't get much classier than that. I bet those weights are props. [source]


dino said...

those are the most hideous pictures i've ever seen.

hellocolleenie said...

that poor girl. those a such terrible pictures.