Tuesday, November 28, 2006

2006 Media Person of The Year

Last year my favorite person in all of television history, Anderson Cooper, won the...um coveted title of "Media Person of the Year" after a poll conducted by IwantMedia.com. It's a coveted title, right? Maybe not, but I wouldn't mind winning. I never win anything. This year's contestants are:

  • Dean Baquet, the ousted editor of the Los Angeles Times;
  • Stephen Colbert, the "new" Jon Stewart;
  • Katie Couric, the first solo female network evening news anchor;
  • Tom Freston, the booted-but-beloved ex-CEO of Viacom;
  • Arianna Huffington, the liberal blog queen;
  • Chad Hurley, the CEO of YouTube and new-media demigod and
  • Rachael Ray, the "new" Oprah (YEAH RIGHT!) and latest multimedia star. (not to be confused with Lindsay Lohan's mom...the 'white' Oprah.

Get out there and vote. Just please for the love of my television DO NOT vote for Rachel Ray. I want her to go away as soon as humanly possible. The poll has been live since yesterday. [source]

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crispanic said...

i hate rachael ray