Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Did Rosie Just "OUT" Clay? At minimum she called him "not cute'

Clay Aiken was a guest host on Kelly Ripa's show (or something) and he put his hand over her mouth to shut her bitch ass up. Kelly was pissed and made some kind of remark about not knowing where his hands have been. In turn, that pissed off Rosie O'Donnell who is calling Kelly's remarks "homophobic." You do the math - that makes Clay gay.


sallypierre said...

rosie's being bitchy about this. i'll bet kelly would have said this to tommy boy too! you never know what those alien-loving hands have been touching.

oldwiseone said...

I think Rosie is making a big deal out of nothing - and really trivializes true instances of homophobia by labelling something like this homophobic.

Hilarious that she outed him though! Bet he sends her a big basket of thank you mini-muffins.

Anonymous said...

That bitch just doesn't know when to shut up. I don't know how her partner stands her. Can you imagine living with that loud, egomaniacal, gross obnoxious bully?! She's a female Ralph Cramden. I hope the day comes when her partner leaves her pathetic fat ass.
With friends like Rosie, who needs enemies like Kelly Ripa.