Thursday, November 16, 2006

Outing the Outed

I don't know why everyone's getting their crusty panties in a bunch over Kristanna Loken's interview (about Michelle Rodriguez). I thought Michelle was basically outed a long time ago by pictures like this: It's not like Michelle actually jumped in Kristanna's interview and screamed "I lick pussy". Kristanna just alluded to the possibility of Michelle being upstairs. Trust me, my girlfriends talk like this all the time. Unless "upstairs" recently became the universal codeword for lesbian and nobody told me. Granted, there have been rumors about them for a while... and Kristanna is openly bi.

Ok, I guess if Michelle wasn't already basically outed, I would call this a little bit of an outing. They make a cute couple. Good for them.


adrienne said...


adrienne said...

and "ew" to the "crusty panties" remark