Thursday, November 09, 2006

Update: Sex Tape Not Britney

After careful review of the extended version of "Britney and Kevin sex tape," Fleshbot has decided it's not Britney. If you want to judge for yourself, you can view the additional 30 seconds of some chick who sorta looks like Britney Spears giving a not-so-good blowjob here.

This situation did temporarily work out to Kevin's benefit - it's no secret the guy's had a rough week. At least for 12 hours, those with internet access and insatiable curiosity for Britney/Kevin related stories thought (against all odds) there was video proof of Kevin actually having a decent sized ding dong.

Now we can all happily return to the real world where Kevin Federline's dick is small and wallet is once again empty. [thanks oldwiseone]

1 comment:

adrienne said...

ever since i watched that video i've been having naughty dreams....