Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's A Christmas Miracle!

I don't need to tell you PETA prefers animals to people. South Park established that and everything South Park says is true. But why they need to defecate on the holidays by creating trite little would-be virals about reindeer trampling Santa, I'll never know.

Dissatisfied with a fantasy about the gift-giving saint underfoot, they took it further still by turning the song into a masturbation fest about how awesome PETA is for, among other things, its clever use of busty naked women to rail against animal exploitation. (See equal opportunity coverage here.)

PETA is crazy. People who wear fur are crazy too. But can we all just agree to disagree and move on without ruining the holidays? That's it... I OFFICIALLY HATE EVERYONE!


1 comment:

xine said...

I wear fur and I'm definitely a little nuts. Seriously though Dino, what the hell else are little minks good for? They'll either be roadkill or a fabulous coat. GO FUR!