Monday, January 22, 2007

Birthday ALARM

Actress Beverley Mitchell (Seventh Heaven) is 26.

Actor John Hurt is 67.
Country bassist Teddy Gentry of Alabama is 55.
Actress Linda Blair is 48.
Actress Diane Lane is 42.
Rap DJ-actor Jazzy Jeff is 42.
Singer Marc Gay of Shai is 38.
Actor Balthazar Getty is 32.
Actor Christopher K. Masterson (Malcolm in the Middle) is 27.
Singer Willa Ford is 26.
Guitarist Ben Moody (Evanescence) is 26.

FUN FACT FOR DAN & JORDAN (mostly): On this day in 1984, the Apple Macintosh, the first consumer computer to popularize the computer mouse and the graphical user interface, was introduced during Super Bowl XVIII with its famous "1984" television commercial.

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