Friday, January 19, 2007

Christ... Here's One More Grey's Anatomy Story

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reports that Neil Patrick Harris (WHO XINE JUST MET!!!) commented on the Grey's Anatomy F-word scandal yesterday at a CBS press tour party.

Says Ausiello:

"T.R. has proven himself to be an incredibly classy, dignified guy," [Neil Patrick Harris] told me. "I'm impressed that Katherine Heigl said what she said. I was shocked that it all reared its ugly head again."

Harris — who came out just weeks after Knight — wouldn't comment on what form Washington's "punishment" should take. "It's impossible for me to make any kind of comment about that because I wasn't there when it happened. It's just disappointing that it's... cyclical."

Meanwhile, the word from the Grey's set is that Washington's problems extend far beyond his affinity for a certain derogatory f-word. Per a source, his behavior has been so "inappropriate and offensive" for so long that producers have often been forced to intervene.

K, I swear, no more stories related to the use, or rather mis-use of the F-word.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh give me a break!!!
He should have just called him the N word & called it even. Move on.
Gaaawwwwwd...Doogie Howser has to put in his two cents too....who else is gonna milk 15 more minutes from this ridiculous incident that has been given far more attention & importance than it deserves.
Greater injustices have been suffered in life. Get a grip.