Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fast Food Workers and Their Dying Souls

Kevin Federline is one Big Mac away from some special sauce, and I'm not talking about the kind McDonalds makes. I'm talking about the kind the McDonald's employees make. What the hell else are the workers to do on those long overnight shifts?

A top executive at the National Restaurant Association has blasted the commercial, which shows Britney's ex daydreaming about being a rap star but really working in a fast-food joint, for being "demeaning and unpleasant" to the nation's 12.8 million restaurant workers, the New York Post reports.

The rep, Annika Stensson, believes the ad could have been done differently. "A sudden change in Federline's career could have been depicted with him holding an unemployment benefit check," she says. "It shouldn't be necessary for a company to disrespect others to get its point across. ...It's a negative, unfair and inaccurate reflection. It's not Kevin we take issue with, but the depiction of where he ends up."

Stensson has complained officially in a letter to Nationwide CEO Jerry Jurgensen.

Hey, Annika... what the hell kind of name is Annika? You're an executive at the National Restaurant Association, with a big, brown mahogany desk I'm sure (or maybe you work in a cube like me - regardless), a bird's eye view of the city from your lush office, and I bet you're a lot of fun on the weekends! You probably walk to lunch with the other fat-asshole women you work with everyday, eating dry salads with a mustard pack and a lemon wedge... all the while, secretly acknowledging that you'd rather eat your bosses shit than ever work at a fast food joint. Don't lie. Slapping beef patties together and squeezing some special sauce on it is demeaning, and frankly, this commercial is not an inaccurate depiction. Stop trying to bullshit the American people. We know shit when we smell it.

Get over here, Annika. I've got some special sauce for you too.


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xine said...

What the fuck Annika...why disrespect the millions of people living off of unemployment checks? They have feelings too. It's negative and unfair.

I read this while eating McDonald's. This made me feel a little bad for the sad, sad woman who works the drive-through window at my neighborhood McDonalds. She doesn't speak an ounce of English and always screws up my order. I say ketchup and she says "huh?" about ten times and then gives me honey. How can you not know the english word for ketchup when you work at a mcdonalds in america? The highlight of her life is when I bring my dog through to visit her. She needs to meet a Britney Spears.