Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Frivolous Celebrity Lawsuit Alert

Now I’m not all about people dying but this lawsuit is ridiculous:

Brandy aka Moesha was driving about 65 miles an hour when she failed to slow down for traffic and rear ended a car. The driver of that car (Awatef Aboudihaj) died. Unbelievably, Brandy wasn’t under the influence of drugs, alcohol or a cell phone. The family of the victim is suing the has-been for $50 million. Now I’m going to rant for a second because I was once frivolously sued for a car accident and this shit pisses me off:

It’s sad that someone’s life was lost but my life isn’t even worth suing someone for $50 million and I tend to think I’m worth a lot. I would come back from hell and haunt my family if they ever sued anyone, has-been or not, for that much money. $50 million is like half a Britney Spears. If Brandy was drunk, on heroin and had a cell phone attached to each ear while playing bumper cars on the 405, she would certainly be opening herself up for a $50 million lawsuit. I bet if Ms. Nobody rear ended the same car and the same person died, there wouldn’t even be a lawsuit (unless Ms. Nobody was me-then the lawsuit would stay intact). Plus, if you’re going to sue for a lot of money, at least make it believable - like $5 million. Brandy hasn’t had a popular song since 1996 and her last job was a host on America’s Got Talent so there’s no way in hell she’s worth $15 million less than $50 million. I’m sorry – misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter (Brandy’s charge) is a $1,000 fine. Why should she have to pay $50 million to the family when she has to pay the government $1,000? No misdemeanor is worth $50 million. Normally, I would vote for Awatef’s family to get some money but $50 million is straight up greedy so I hope they get nothing. Yes, that might be cold but I don't care. In closing, just because Brandy hits your car doesn’t mean you also automatically hit the lottery jackpot. You got that people?

Ok I think I’m done now. I'm not even a fan of Brandy but I sure feel better after that.

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