Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Birthday ALARM

Singer Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty is 35.

TV news personality Hugh Downs is 86.
Actress Florence Henderson is 73.
Access Hollywood host Pat O'Brien is 59.
Magician Teller of Penn and Teller is 59.
Actor Ken Wahl (Wiseguy) is 50.
Actress Meg Tilly is 47.
Singer Dwayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Tone! is 46.
Actor Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me) is 44.
Bassist Ricky Wolking of The Nixons is 41.
Bassist Kevin Baldes of Lit is 35.
Actor Freddie Highmore (Finding Neverland ) is 15.

FUN FACT: On this day in 1849, in New York City, James Knox Polk became the first President of the United States to have his photograph taken.

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