Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One Girlie-Gunning Blind Vice

Bet you’d be surprised to hear that Botox-Bang Slasher isn’t the well-behaved home hon she appears to be. B2 was in a hit campy TV show, as well as a string of flicks on the big screen, along with some not so hot movies lately. Now, B-Bang got hitched to her honey a while back, and she appeared to settle down, keeping a fairly low profile. You don’t hear about this couple fighting; they’re not seen out at Hyde every other night...You get the idea.

But evidently, B.B. did get a little sassy a while back in New Yawk. Botox was spotted full-on making out with another femme in plain public view at a bar. Makes me wonder if she’s really into the girls or just had a few too many and was being silly? Also can’t help but wonder if her hubby knows about her girl-on-girl lip-locks. Does he know? Does he even care? I’ve heard he might be in to guys himself, so maybe their whole happy Hollywood marriage is a farce?

Like myriad middle-America ones ain’t, either. It ain't: My guess: I don't know but it sounds like fun! I want to say Courtney Cox but I'm sure that's wrong. She still looks superhot in her new show Dirt. It's really naughty.


OldWiseOne said...

My guess is Sarah Michelle Gellar based on the fact that Buffy is a campy show. Of course that means this is one sad item, because she is soooo Dlist that I don't know why Ted would bother. Are the interns running the show over there already?

Anonymous said...

Vivica Fox? The botox thing made me think of her although I have no idea whether she's married or not.

hellocolleenie said...

I like the Sarah Michelle Gellar idea. She's had a slew of movies....Court just hasn't been on the big screen that much.

xine said...

I actually really like the Sarah Michelle Gellar guess. I don't however like the Botox part of her name. She's like my age and I already have a botox-needing complex.

I also still want it to be Courteney Cox. Again, have you people been watching Dirt? It's so hot. My boyfriend even loves it. I came home from my business trip and he was like "OMG, you have to watch Dirt, it was the best episode." Why am I telling stories? Ugh it's going to be a long day