Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Advertisers: "I'm Not Trying To Hear That!"

How soon we forget...but just one week? Yup. Advertisers are already talking about hooking up with Imus just a week after he was fired from CBS for his "nappy headed ho" remark. GM spokeswoman Ryndee Carney said, "We obviously don't condone his statements, but we have found value advertising on Imus in the past. Up to this point, the good has outweighed the bad. If an opportunity is presented to us, we would assess it just like we do all the other opportunities that come our way." Ah yes, corporate drooling for eyeballs continues to outweigh taking a stand on an issue. It's just too alluring to ignore the wallets of those who might still listen to Imus if and when he ever were to reappear.

And so it goes. An offense occurs. Advertisers claim disgust and bail. Then advertisers see revenue fall and return to the very place they once vehemently shunned. Classic capitalism.


Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Walters did a little spring cleaning on "The View," awkwardly wiping clean their interview with Don Imus' wife Deirdre, removing any stain of the "nappy-headed hos" controversy and Don's subsequent firing by MSNBC and CBS Radio.

Pretty-headed HOmemaker Deirdre had been scheduled for "The View" this past Monday, but in the wake of her husband's I-mess, as TMZ reported last week, she canceled all appearances related to her book, "Greening Your Cleaning." But there she was on today's show hawking the tidy tome.

Despite the fact that they talked about Imus-gate during the "Hot Topics" segment of the show, Rosie and Babwa didn't go there -- or anywhere near there with Deirdre herself -- except to mention that she'd been booked before her husband's troubles exploded. They just let Mrs. Imess do her cleaning ... and Rosie and Babs her bidding. Sparklingly clean!

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