Friday, April 20, 2007

Corporate Love

A recent survey conducted by Outlaw Consulting, a San Francisco research firm, concluded that Generation Y trendsetters are more drawn to brands that speak to them in a "straightforward and stripped-down way, use plain packaging, and avoid excess. Outlaw surveyed 100 of what it calls its 'most forward trendsetter panelists' in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, asking them which companies they most respected, and why," Ransom reports. "The sample mostly targeted the first wave of Gen Y consumers, aged 21-27. The goal was to compile a 'Trust Index' of brands that evoke 'deeply positively feelings' among the trendsetters."

The Most Trusted 15 brands named by the trendsetters in the survey were:

1. Apple
2. Trader Joe's
3. Jet Blue
4. In-N-Out Burger
5. Ben & Jerry's
6. Whole Foods
7. Adidas
8. American Apparel
9. Target
10. H & M clothing stores
11. Levi's
12. Volkswagen
13. Converse
14. Vitamin Water
15. Red Stripe Jamaican beer

The survey was conducted in late 2006, before Jet Blue got loads of bad publicity when one of its planes sat on the tarmac for several hours and wouldn't allow passengers to leave the plane. You know that one incident might bump it under Red Stripe beer, unless the 100 surveyers were drinking Red Stripe beer at the time and missed the scandal. I'm a little sad because I just realized that I'm on the ass-end of the age bracket for this survey which might explain why I don't drive a volkswagen, wear levis/converse or drink Red Stripe. Apple is still my favorite and it would be followed by Harris Teeter (greatest grocery store of all-time), Nordstrom, Target, Tivo, Trader Joe's (in VA because of the wine) and Ketel One vodka. Maybe. I haven't thoroughly thought through this. [thanks dan]

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