Monday, April 30, 2007

ecorazzi: WHERE IT'S AT!

Well, well, well, fellow Celebrity Hijinx readers - I have some wonderful news to share with you all!!! As of today, I am a contributing editor at ecorazzi, the latest in green gossip!!! I, of course, will still be posting here all the time! THIS IS MY HOME. ecorazzi is such a cool site though, and I hope that all of you will go and show them some support!!!

Here's the 411, STR8 from the ecorazzi blog:

"Celebrity gossip and news is a hot industry in today’s social market. People the world-over are fascinated with their favorite stars; what they’re doing, what they’re wearing, and who they’re dating.

We often overlook, however, how some people are using their fame as a vehicle to highlight and educate on issues important to them. Ecorazzi exists as a conduit to report on the latest celebrity gossip as it pertains to activism and inspiring change. The word eco is in our name, but more than the environment is supported by those in the spotlight. We also highlight humanitarian efforts, beneficial campaigns, fundraisers and acts of good. In the spirit of fair play, we’re quick to point how who’s slacking and who’s deserving of recognition.

Got a tip you might be interested in sharing with us? Know something juicy about a naughty/good celebrity? Want to team up on an issue or product? Let us know!"

Also, if you want to read my post, click here!


xine said...

Yay! Go Dino. I'm going to change your last name to Greeno. Dino Greeno. Still sounds Italian.

Armando Greeno.

dino said...


Anonymous said...

congrats dino