Friday, April 27, 2007

THINK BIG: A Controversial Acceptance

Amy Sorrell, a 30 year-old English teacher from Woodburn, Indiana faced losing her teaching job after a student newspaper published an editorial advocating tolerance of gays. Sorrell, who had been an English and journalism instructor at Woodlan Junior-Senior High School, was placed on paid leave March 19, two months after an editorial advocating tolerance of homosexuals ran in Woodlan's student newspaper, The Tomahawk. Sorrell had been the newspaper's adviser. School officials in the conservative northern Indiana community about 10 miles east of Fort Wayne said Sorrell did not comply with an agreement to alert the principal about controversial articles.

Sorrell reached an agreement that allows her to be transferred to another high school to teach English, said her attorney, Patrick Proctor. The agreement she signed includes a written reprimand that says she neglected her duties as a teacher and was insubordinate in refusing to obey school officials' orders. Sorrell said she is "very proud" of Megan Chase, the student who wrote the editorial calling for tolerance and acceptance of gays, and the Tomahawk's other writers and editors. But she said she could not financially afford to fight the school district over her discipline. [source]

As a teacher she should've followed the rules, but isn't it sad that "tolerence" and "acceptance" are considered controversial topics? I mean you can promote tolerence and acceptance of gay humans without talking about anal beads and strap-ons. Really, I wish I had the money to fight the school district for her. Although if I were her, I'd probably want to get the hell out of there anyway.

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