Thursday, April 05, 2007

YOUR 15 MINUTES: Boys Don't Cry

Lorelei Corpuz must’ve watched “Boys Don’t Cry” one too many times - she was really good at convincing everyone she was a teenage boy.

For the past 18 months, Corpuz made a teenage girl and the girl's family believe that she was 17-year-old Mark Villanueva. Police and prosecutors say that Corpuz is really 30 year old and has looks that support her ruse (in other words - she wasn't pretty. Check out her myspace photo on the right). But early Sunday morning, Corpuz's con came to an end when she was stopped by a rookie police officer near Seattle, WA, according to court papers. The officer approached Corpuz at a gas station because she was wanted on a warrant for driving with a suspended license. He then asked the teenage girl in the car why she was with the woman, said Everett police Sgt. Robert Goetz. "She gave us a curious look when he [the officer] said 'woman,' " Goetz said.”She said, 'That's my boyfriend.'

The girl said she met "Villanueva" in September 2005 at the Everett Mall food court. She told police that they went on their first date two days later, according to court papers. Court papers list the girl as 16 years old, but the girl and police say she is 14. In an interview Wednesday, the girl said "Villanueva" told her that he was an orphan, so the teen's mother let "him" move into their duplex. The girl said "Villanueva" was supposed to share a bedroom with the teen's younger brother, but said "Villanueva" would often sneak into her room to cuddle. "It was a regular teenage girlfriend-boyfriend thing," the girl said. "Like holding hands, hugging, kissing." The girl told police that the couple had a sexual relationship, but that she never saw her "boyfriend's" genitals, court papers said. The girl also said that her boyfriend was jealous and abusive, and she was bitten on the back twice and struck weekly. She said Corpuz interfered with her friendships with boys her own age. "She made it like a serious relationship, like we're married," the girl said.

On Wednesday, Corpuz was charged with two counts of rape of a child in the third-degree and one count of child molestation in the third degree, all felonies. If convicted, Corpuz faces up to five years in prison. "I understand there's been a whole lot of hoopla surrounding the sexual orientation issues in this case," said Deputy Prosecutor Mark Roe. "This case is all about age and not orientation." Corpuz has previously been convicted of attempted theft and was arrested in 2005 in on suspicion of forgery for allegedly impersonating her sister while trying to make a purchase at a car dealership. In February, an officer stopped Corpuz, who had identification for Mark Villanueva, in February for driving with a suspended license. The suspect's gender wasn't called into question. [source]

Who the hell lets a 17 year old orphan/runaway boyfriend move into their house with their 12/13 year old daughter? The parents deserve some charges too.

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