Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We Done Been Had!

Well it looks like we may have all been had. has learned that VH1's hit series' Flavor Of Love and I Love New York may have been staged. GET OUTTA TOWN! At least that's what a person claiming to be an insider is saying on VH1's very own message board.

The poster claims that both New York and Sister Patterson are actresses - and that the two are not even related. The poster also claims that New York used to work as an exotic dancer.

Here's the post in its entirety:

I have been watching this nonsense for a couple of weeks and I can no longer stand the stupidity. Yes, the show is fake.

The scenario is that the show was concocted to appear to be some sort of dating show, but the "contestants" signed up for something entirely different. The girls on the show signed up for more of an "acting contest".

The concept, initially proposed by William Drayton aka 'Flava Flav', was to have a show which would appear to the viewers to be a 'dating contest', but in reality would be an competition to find a suitable 'match' for a money desperate Drayton after Brigitte Nielson declined to appear in another season of VH1's "Strange Love".

The winner would be the woman who could best 'act like' Drayton's perfect other. Someone with antics bizarre enough to hold the interest of the viewers, and who could also feign love for the virtually unlikable Drayton.

In layman's terms: A group of young (and not so young) Hollywood fringe hopefuls signed contracts to appear on a televised acting contest, vying for the coveted position of phony reality show 'girlfriend' to 'Flava Flav'. The prize included a guaranteed reality show (Strange Love) and monetary compensation.

The long and short of it: "Flavor of Love" is the WWF of dating shows.

To further perpetuate the absolute ridiculousness is their choice of thespians to play "New York" and family. Surprise! No, they're not related. No, Mr. 'New York' is not the owner of a fortune 500 company. (If you were foolish enough to believe this you likely need your head checked...what millionaire, country club thoroughbred has as uneducated, filthy and tragically cheap a child and as deranged and unkempt a wife as he has on the show?)

Miss 'New York' is actually Kenya Simmons of Newark New Jersey. Never heard of her? Well, it's not likely that you would have.

Simmons, a former exotic dancer, has shown up to many a reality show castings. (I work for Fox). To add hilarity to the stew, she was rejected thrice by "The Bachelor".

Simmons is not the only television hopeful who has shown her face at numerous open call castings.

The actress (and I use that term loosely) who plays "Mrs. Michelle", New York's mother, Leslie Bibbs, is not only of no relation to Simmons, but once stood in the same cattle call line with her at an open call for a B.E.T reality show.

Another amazing tidbit: Bibbs and Simmons are only 5 years apart in age.

I've never heard much about the actor playing Mr. New York, but my friend seems to think he works at VH1.

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