Monday, June 18, 2007

Eating for Two?

I don't care if she's got a bun in the oven, this one's barely eating for one, let alone two. Last week Nicole Richie continued to fertilize rumors that she is with child, abstaining from alcohol at an Yves Saint Laurent pool party.

I think this one's pregnant with problems.



xine said...

I'm not convinced. I think it's publicity. On a bad day I can make myself look like 4 months pregnant just by exhaling. I mean really, isn't it a great way to get the spotlight while Paris is in jail. She could've avoided alcohol so it didn't interfere with drugs.

If she is pregnant, she's just eating for the child. Eating for 1/2 max.

OldWiseOne said...

ITA xine. This anorexic famewhore is just working the pregnancy rumours for publicity.

xine said...

I seriously miss you and your comments. You always back me up! Have things been busy lately?

OldWiseOne said...

My husband started chemo for his MS a few months back, so I'm spending a lot of time back and forth to the hospital with him as opposed to reading gossip.

I might be too lazy to comment, but I'm always reading your stuff ;)

xine said...

aww! I hope everything goes well! :)