Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do You Speaka Da Engrish?

What do you get when you add the words gigantic + enormous? Ginormous, dumbass!

Merriam-Webster has decided to add the compounded word in the latest edition of the dictionary, along with Bollywood, sudoku and speed dating.

Of course, some smartypants-a-hole-linguistic-conservative (likely republican) professor named Allan Metcalf, a professor of English at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Il, says that words like ginormous should not be included in the dictionary. "A new word that stands out and is ostentatious is going to sink like a lead balloon," he said. "It might enjoy a fringe existence." Much like his hair. Check this dude out!! haha

But Merriam-Webster traces ginormous back to 1948, when it appeared in a British dictionary of military slang. And in the past several years, its use has become, well, ginormous.


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