Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beyonce Is Either Blind or a Robot

It was all fun and games at the Saint Louis Beyonce concert, until a pyrotechnic fell from the ceiling, injuring two people. The two fans were taken to a local hospital and treated with only minor injuries. After the concert, Beyonce made a quiet visit to the E.R. at Barnes-Jewish Hospital to visit the fans, both of whom were expected to make full recoveries.

The best part of the clip is that Beyonce doesn't even seem to flinch. That bitch is all work and no play. Someone's weave caught on fire, BUT THE SHOW MUST CONTINUE! It reminds me of a clip that circulated the a few years back when Destiny's Child was still together. Michelle - you remember, she was the skinny, skelator-looking one with the horrible voice - completely wiped out on stage, and Kelly and just kept like nothing even happened. They didn't even reach over to help the poor girl up, which is sad because Michelle hasn't eaten since the 4grade, and it was really hard for her to muster the strength to get up on her own. For those of you who have forgotten... please see below.

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