Thursday, August 30, 2007

YOUR 15 MINUTES: Another Stupid Lawsuit

A&P Grocery store chain is suing two brothers for over $1 million. The boys, who are in college, made a parody rap video for school set in the store's produce department. The video, which was made when customers were not in the store and does not include harming actual store veggies, was posted on YouTube where it set off a series of customer complaints leading to the lawsuit. The boys have already been fired from the produce department. They're currently looking for a lawyer.

Here is my favorite controversial produce video:

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Christine and Jess! said...

well..... we personally think your produce rap is funny as shit and there should really be no lawsuit for something this hilariously funny when your trippin like a mother fucker but we definately think CHARLIE was hot as shit so good luck with your million bucks problem maybe we could help out with a car wash sometime hahha alright peace.