Friday, February 24, 2006


The Daily News Record (DNR) released some really interesting research that suggests that the GAYEST MAGAZINE EVER is... GQ magazine! Look below for some FASCINATING demographics!!

"The study only includes titles with certain circulation levels (eliminating Details), and does not include gay-interest titles like Out." funny - the only magazine i even subscribe to is Details! HA


1. GQ, 10.39% of male readers are gay/bi
2. Entertainment Weekly, 10.35%
3. TV Guide, 5.46%
4. People, 5.1%
5. Newsweek, 4.74% (tie)
6. Time, 4.74% (tie)
7. Men’s Health, 4.68%
8. National Geographic, 4.1% (WTF)
9. Consumer Reports, 3.96%
10. U.S. News, 3.9%


1. North American Hunter, 99.9% of male readers are straight (i'm shocked)
2. North American Fisherman, 99.5%
3. Four Wheeler, 99.45%
4. Guns & Ammo, 99.43%
5. Sporting News, 99.41%
6. American Rifleman, 99.37%
7. Cycle World, 99.25%
8. Stuff, 99.23% (tie)
9. Field & Stream, 99.23 (tie) (this has got to be a mistake!)
10. Midwest Living, 99.23 (tie)

Well if this story doesn't uphold some major stereotypes, I don't know what does! Whatever, I don't care. I'm still not gonna read any of these dumbass magazines anyway!



Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Cycle World is so straight, I know a lot of gay/bi cyclists.

dino said...

haha that comment made me laugh for some reason