Monday, March 27, 2006

Money, Money, Money, Money. Money!

You know Paris' rich Greek ex-boyfriend? What cute one? There was no cute one. I'm talking about the REALLY rich one. No, not the rich one named Paris too. The other one with the name that was different than hers. What was it again? Oh that's right Stavros Niarchos the 18th or something. Well, he's about to turn 21 next month and inherit $275 million. That makes Hilton's rumored $20 or so million inheritance look like the change in the bottom of my Versace purse. His inheritance is like 14 times larger than hers. I bet she can’t even count that high. Apparently everyone in his family inherits that much when they turn 21. I got a cake. [source]


Anonymous said...

I think Stavros is hot- I'd do him in a second! Of course the wallet makes him even more attractive.....I love that no respectable family wants their son with Paris.......makes me LMAO

hellocolleenie said...

he looks greasy