Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Is Fergie Preggers?

Fergie is making folks a little suspicious that she might have a little pea in her pod. She’s been spotted acting incredibly moody in LA and shortly thereafter was shown from the chest up ONLY on the JumboTron at a concert in Phoenix. If I were Fergie I’d only have them film me from the neck down…but that’s just me. She didn’t get on or off stage without help and she spent most of her time sitting on her ass rather than shakin’ what her mama gave her. On top of it all, she’s been spotting wearing a whole new wardrobe of looser, less revealing clothes.

I’m really glad I’m not famous because I’d be “reportedly pregnant” all the time. 1. I get cranky. 2. I get lazy. 3. I’d have people help me on and off stage a lot because I'm famous and I can do that. 4. I get new clothes all the time.

I don’t think she’s pregnant because a man with a face like her boyfriend's (Josh Duhamel) would clearly have to be insane to make babies with a woman who pees her pants on stage and wears clip-on bangs. [source]


dino said...

i love clip-on bangs.

xine said...

Good, I'm going to buy you a pair for your birthday. Remember that silly wig you bought for Halloween a few years ago. It was bald on top and then had monk hair around the sides. You should wear that more often.