Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Breaking News: Brad and Angelina Make First Appearance Since Daughter's Birth

Forget about immigration issues, the gay marriage amendment, the "war" in Iraq that's been "over" forever but is still going on, gas prices skyrocketing, the VA active-duty data theft, the record number of Iraqi civilian deaths in May, etc. One of CNN's front page stories today was "Brad and Angelina Make First Appearance Since Daughter's Birth" Doesn't everyone eventually sort of make a 'public appearance' after their kid is born? You know, visit a few relatives, thank the doctors, etc. Brad and Ang decided to reintegrates themselves into society by holding news conference for local journalists at a hotel in the Namibian coastal town of Swakopmund. This is the first time they've been seen in "public" since the baby was born. What's next? Breaking news: Brad and Angelina drink water, Shiloh loses a tooth, Brad and Angelina take their first trip to the movies since their baby's birth, Shiloh gets a mosquito bite... Hmmm...what ever happened to those other kids. You know...the adopted ones, not the real one. Sahara and Maxwell...or something like that?

Angelina denied a wedding in the imminent future while thanking the government of Namibia and its people for the privacy they have enjoyed since arriving in the southwest African nation in April. It's easy to afford the peace and quiet they wanted in Namibia because Namibia is poor while Brad and Angelina are not. It's so much easier to pay-off a star struck developing country than most of Los Angeles. The Namibian dollar talks! Brad added that they received amazing health care and had absolute top notch medical assistance from the operation crew to the nurses and pediatricians. He said they couldn't have had anything better in the states. He's right, because he would've just had the same people doing the same thing in the states. They basically had a traveling maternity ward -- Angie's doctor from the states performed the c-section. So, that's it. A whole lotta nothing about people who really do a whole lot of nothing. Do you think they'll go away sometime soon? Celeb Hijinx is usually "Brangelina" free so don't expect a "second appearance since the baby's birth story. Everytime I hear that dumbass Brangelina portmanteau it makes me want to eat a big handful of Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal. Based on the clevage in the pictures above, I wouldn't mind a big handful of her boobs either.

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