Friday, June 30, 2006

Did It Have To Be THAT Bare Skin?

Stella McCartney had to do something different or might I say shocking to get people to pay attention to the PETA awards ceremony at her Bruton Street store in London. I'm sure she said to herself *British accent* "Stella, what can I do that will make people aware that wearing fur and leather is bad? Killing animals is bad. How can I get them to pay attention to this awards ceremony at my store? What is something new and unique that will really send the message that killing, eating and wearing animals is bad?. Hmmm. (ponder) Oh, I know. Pamela Anderson's breasts should do the trick." You know, since the overexposed breasts of a 39-year-old woman with hepatitis and killing animals are completely relevant.

By now I think everyone in the world has seen Pamela Anderson’s breasts. The egg hanging out in my left ovary waiting to be my illegitimate child has seen Pamela Anderson’s breasts. The only things those two cannons makes me want not want to put in my mouth are breasts…and that’s quite unfortunate, isn’t it? They need some new celebrity supporters. IMMEDIATELY! They should start a campaign that involves having sex instead of wearing fur or something...although I do think the little "bare skin than wear skin" that might be exciting during chilly weather with the right people. Actually, I take that back. This whole "skin is in/sex sells" thing is passé. I want a cheeseburger. [source]


Julia said...

She's actually 39. I only correct that because I'm 31, and my boobs are just fine!

xine said...

Oops! That was totally a typo. I was writing that late at night and I was pretty medicated.

I will fix that.

Julia said...

No worries, sweet pea. I complain only for the sensitivity of my advanced age and AARP status. Keep rockin', you young thang you!

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