Friday, June 02, 2006

Jennifer Aniston Has A Little Personality. Just A Little.

Sometimes I think Jennifer Ansiton is adorable and sometimes I wish she had an "off" button. During a recent press conference promoting her new movie, The Break-Up, a reporter asked if she was interested in using her fame to address any of the world's important issues. She replied "No, I'm not interested in any of that. I like to just focus on me and my tabloid career." Cute. Her sarcastic answer went over well with the crowd. Was it just a joke or a stab at her ex-husband and his new baby mama? Who knows. She went on to tell the reporters that she has many interests but she does not care to share them with the public. I have some interests like that too -- you know, the ones you keep hidden in a box on a shelf in the back of the closet...probably right next to the old strap-on she used on Brad.

Her thoughts on tabloids: "There's a lot happening in the world. It's one of the things I always say is these tabloids are just distracting people from the issues and the things that are happening in the world. Read a newspaper. Read about what's going on in the world. It's quite embarrassing to be the centre of all of those trash magazines when there is so much going on that needs people's attention. But I also think its a way for people to distract themselves from all of it. It's just like having junk food."

My thoughts on tabloids: Listen to Jennifer Aniston. Don't waste your money. Come to Celebrity Hijinx where we have stories, pictures and sarcasm for free. Then go read a newspaper. ...and eat some junk food while you're at it just for the hell of it. [source]


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