Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mash It Right Into a Copyright Infringement Case

The other day, Xine pondered one of life's greatest questions:
Will we someday run out of music?

Which led me to start thinking about the long standing tradition of song sharing... you know, when an artist samples from another musician's song, to the extent that in the end, they have created an entirely new song that sounds just like the OLD ONE! YAY!!

I'm going to make this entry way way deeper than it needs to be. In fact, this is a bit gratuitous... but sometimes, the most obvious things elude me... Just the other day, I was listening to a CD that Xine had recommended. I'm often so involved in the music that I sometimes inadvertently imagine that I'm in the music video. I watch myself in the rearview mirror - at how the breeze through the sunroof tosses my freshly cut faux hawk...

until I realized that I'd sat through the entire green light.

Which, if you're following my train of thought, leads me to this...

"Public Affair", the new Jessica Simpson song - a striking example of
just how to OVERsample someone else's song... it didn't hit me at first but when you actually pay attention to the song it's basically an embellished version of Holiday. Of course I didn’t initially notice because I thought it was just another cheesy Jessica Simpson ballad and I was too busy watching myself in the mirror. This is probably the ONE Madonna song that everyone in the world knows. I bet there’s a person in Qatar singing “Holiday, Celebrate!” right at this very moment. You’d think Big Daddy Simpson could dig a less-famous song out of his creepy, probably-waxed ass.
She wants a “public affair,” she might one big public affair in the courthouse when Madonna sues her ass for some copyright infringement. Unless of course we’re overlooking one serious detail— maybe Madonna allowed Jessica to use the song because she’s has her eye on Jessica as the next Kabbalah recruit a la Britney. Doubtful yet possible.

Click here to listen to a mash-up of Madonna's "Holiday"
and Jessica Simpson's "Public Affair,"
not so creatively titled, "Public Holiday."

1MoreHit via Defamer


adrienne said...

unreal. umm, jessica's music is lame-O. buuut, she's hot so whothefuckcares.

parissucksliterally said...

what's sad is the single has gotten good reviews from critics.......she sucks ASS

Anonymous said...

bubblegum...copy cat yes sounds like early madonna yuk...and I believe she IS that stupid..no acting ability to prove that wrong