Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Insanely Tacky Celebrity Home

Ironically, I was watching "My Celebrity Home" on the Style network when I came across this celebrity home on the internet:

If someone gave me three guesses to figure out who these rooms belong to I'd say someone who is really tacky like: Mariah Carey, Donald Trump (guest house--not tacky enough for real house) or Britney Spears pre-K-Fed. I probably would've guessed Prince but it's not purple enough orParis Hilton except that I just saw some pictures of her delightfully disgusting home.

Ok so the rooms pictured above belong to Star Jones and her husband, Big GAY AL. You can buy this domestic monstrosity for $2,200,000. I figure they're probably preparing for Star's impending unemployment and subsequent divorce. She should just give the place to Big Gay Al because it looks like it was decorated by a big, gay man. I can't see anyone paying $2 million for this place unless they have enough money to demolish it and start over again. [source]


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