Monday, June 26, 2006

A Speck of Spice

Posh is starting to look like her skeleton was placed through one of those vacuum packaging system that vacuum sealed her in her skin. Because the only activities she has to occupy time are eat, shop and lose weight, she decided that is was absolutely imperative to lose 6 pounds before traveling to Germany to watch her husband play in the World Cup. She went on a strict diet of only sushi and pineapple. That's like my dream diet. You know she totally lost the weight to be skinner than the broad on the left in the cheap red belt, see-through white shirt and white strapless bra. Nude-colored undergarments always work better under white. Someone should ring her up on the telly and let her know. Six pounds on her is like a whole arm. Maybe next time she should try that -- lop off an arm. The amputee diet. I should patent that. She's still the hottest thing ever!

1 comment:

adrienne said...

ahh, you and your spice girls fascination....