Tuesday, June 06, 2006

YOUR 15 MINUTES: Let's Call The Whole Thing Off!

Ali Aghili, 37, and Marney Hurst, 33, both of Boulder, Colorado were supposed to be hearing wedding bells this past weekend at the posh Little Nell Hotel in Aspen. Instead, they had a wedding brawl and were arrested by police after throwing punches. The wedding had to be cancelled as a condition of their $250 bond was to stay away from each other. How romantic! That's pretty reasonable bond. Although the cancelled wedding put a dent in someone's pocket, the bond didn't. The investigation began after police received a 911 call reporting one woman yelling at another. According to police reports, Police determined Hurst had been shouting at Aghili's sister. This story is so Jerry Springer! I'm surprised this story made CourtTV's website because this kind of thing happens almost every weekend, except it's more often in Hickville, USA as opposed to Aspen, CO. [source]

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