Friday, July 21, 2006

This Is The Face of Sobriety in Hollywood...?

... more like: this is your face on drugs - any questions?

Lindsay Lohan denies doing drugs and Courtney Love is supposed to be drug-free due to legal issues. If they're not doing drugs, they need faces immediately!


patricia said...

you shouldnt be so hard to judge. i would never have been into drugs if i wasnt in la and an entertaner. that is so much presure. i am clean now. but to get on stage and strip and to make nekid movies about sorted things, i had to be bommed out of my mind. so understand that it isnt always all good.

xine said...

…and most people I know just do drugs for fun.

I was going to leave a witty comment in response to this until I checked your (Jackie Maldonado) blog and realized you’re one English lesson away from being completely illiterate….I hope it’s due to immigration and not a testament to our education system. Therefore, I can understand your unfortunate confusion between the literal translation and the underlying sarcasm of this blog. So it’s probably safe to assume you were in the porn industry, right???

adrienne said...

wow, hmmm, ????