Thursday, October 26, 2006

Birthday ALARM

Jon Heder is 29. You know his mormon ass will be having one hell of a liquor-and-caffiene-free birthday bash tonight.
This is a day to remember. Natalie Merchant turns 43.
Dylan McDermott is still pretty sexy at 45.
Today Rita Wilson temporarily sheds the title of "Tom Hanks' wife" for "birthday girl." She's 48.
Will Hillary Rodham Clinton run as America's First Elderly Woman President? Her fabulous ass turns 59 today.
K-Mart proudly sponsors Jaclyn Smith's 59th birthday. Free Jaclyn Smith sweatsuits for everyone!
I bet Pat Sajak didn't think he'd still be making 'em spin that wheel at 59.

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Anonymous said...

This deserves several comments. You are so funny! Why are you here with no comments, I do not get people. At all. I didn't know about this site or would have been here laughing my ass off long ago.