Friday, October 27, 2006

Costume Time

Dear Celebrity Hijinx readers,
Dino and I will not be posting until Tuesday. We have a long weekend full of costumes n stuff. While we're gone, keep us entertained by posting your favorite costume ideas here. We want to hear about the crazy things you kids come up with.

Here's my 2006 costume: Here's a ghost of halloween past-- the Christina Aguilera circa 2001 Mermaid worn in 2003. I believe the year of the mermaid Dino escorted me to Salem wearing a weird monk/priest. This costume was a lot of fun.


sarah said...

you have the best teeth

Anonymous said...

My favorite costume was my chiquita banana lady last year!

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty.

adrienne said...

omfg i remember that wig well. we hid it in dino's closet afterwards b/c we didn't wanna take it back home with us on the plane. by night's end it had all sorts of leaves and twigs and rocks in it.... so hot