Monday, October 23, 2006

FASHION FIX: Free Speech Is Tha Bomb?

Fall fashion have you in a rut? Already sick of tights and metallic brocade? Why not try another fall trend: terrorist tops...

Here's the latest tacky trend to hit the concrete runway -- the suicide bomber shirt. Designed to look fabulous with your Sunday-best camoflage/orange huntin' cap.
Or you could go with the suicide bomber shirt's oppositional cousin - the shirt that says "I Am Not A Terrorist" in Arabic. It comes in both white/black writing and black/white writing. Kabbalah shirts are out, Arabic shirts are in. Or if you really need a ton of attention you can just go to Hot Topic and buy one of those statement shirts that says something brilliant like Fuck You You Fucking Fuck: Unless of course you're trying to make some sort of political statement -- then you can just go with something like this:Heck...this fall Celebrity Hijinx recommends you get a face and/or neck tattoo. It will really look amazing with your suicide bomber tee and skinny jeans.

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