Monday, October 23, 2006

It's All Politics...

As election day nears, the political ads are likely increasing no matter where you live. In the DC metro area, the MD Senate race between Ben Cardin and Michael Steele has become particularly entertaining. Here is a look at a few of the commercials:

Michael Steele loves puppies:

Democrats respond to Michael Steele loving puppies:

Michael Steele smells trash:

Steele and Bush sitting in a tree:

Bring on the freak show:Senate candidate Michael S. Steele garnered support from an unlikely source--former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. At the news conference in Ohio, where he will return to the ring Friday night, Tyson wore a white-and-blue "Steele for U.S. Senate" T-shirt as he posed for photos with fans and signed autographs. Tyson said he used to believe black Republicans were "sellouts," but he said he changed his mind after researching the Maryland lieutenant governor."We have to open our eyes more," Tyson said, as he pointed to his T-shirt.Tyson's appearance came on the same day that renowned boxing promoter Don King campaigned for Steele in Baltimore and in Prince George's County."Yeah, Michael Steele, y'all, the next United States senator of the great state of Maryland," King said as he stepped off the Republican nominee's big blue campaign bus and set foot on Pennsylvania Avenue yesterday. "He cares about Jesus."

You heard it folks. Michael Steele would make a great Senator--he likes puppies and he cares about Jesus. [source]

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Anonymous said...

im praying he loses.
he's giving Boston Terrier's a bad name.