Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not A Compliment

By now everyone and their husband's half-sister's step-daddy has probably seen this Photoshopped picture of what old Paris Hilton might look like. Keep 'em crossed kids:I always thought this was an accurate representation of the Paris Hilton of the future until I saw this.... a picture of newly divorced Ellen Barkin: Does she look like the ghost of Paris Hilton future or what? Ellen recently divorced billionaire Ron Perelmann and received between $20-60 million. Apparently that wasn't enough so she auctioned off all of the jewels he gave her for around another $20 million. ..and since money can't buy happiness, she also said "take that world" and revealed she had sex with George Clooney. Unfortunately, I don't think she realize that's not such an exclusive activity. Join the club, honey. Join the club.

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