Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One Spouse-Whipped Blind Vice

Kay, it’s the first one outta the redesign bag, so for that celebratory reason, I’ll give ya a fairly easy one--like I’ve haven’t done that with you folks already, as of late. But whatev.

Pussy Gabor is known for his cut-rate artistic talents, as well as his hefty, more Gawd-gifted talents below. He’s also a good dad--of that, I must profess. But yo, doesn’t a good hubby also stand up and make himself heard, instead of doing every damn thing his wife-unit tells him to do? Well, I guess being an equally vibrant marriage partner is an idea that belongs to a diff century than the one Mr. G. has his supple tush ‘n’ hairdo buried in. At least it appears that way. ‘Cause guess who P.G. is asking permission from to attend all (and I mean all) his pro gigs?

Uh-huh, the old lady from hell, I mean, heaven! Pussy wanted to attend a movie premiere recently (in which he was friggin’ involved!), for ince, but Missus Pussy said no way, religious services come first. End of discussion. Didn’t matter, as P.’s press has never been overly kind to him, anyway. Just woulda fried the dude on the carpet, anyway. (An unfortunate factoid to which Missus P. is no doubt hip.)

It's not: Al Reynolds, Tom Hanks or James Brolin

My Guess: I don't know what's up with Ted but in xine-speak this is a BORING ONE rather than an EASY ONE. I want sex, drugs and scandal. Seriously, did we need a whole page to say some actor with a full head of hair is pussy whipped? BOOOOR-ING.

My boyfriend does everything I tell him to do. See that’s only one sentence.


Anonymous said...

Madonna & Guy too easy

bee said...

Or if not that, Ashton and Demi.

Anonymous said...

Ryan & Reece