Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Recap

Ok. I know I'm a little late on this post but I absolutely-positively-without-a-doubt could NOT keep my lids open for the end of Project Runway last night. Sad, but true. I was going to watch it first thing after work but I had to stop by my doctor to get shot up with 'local anesthesia' for my shoulder. Unfortunately, it went straight to my brain – further prolonging the Project Runway post-- talk about a fun drive home. Anyway, unlike seasons past, I did not peek at the designers’ creations during real NY Fashion week and left this season up to drawn-out production and my TiVo. Could this season seriously have taken any longer? I feel like they started this thing right after season 1. Season two who?

Well…unlike the producers, I’m going to make my rundown on the final 4 short but sweet:

Jeffrey and all his post-drug addict rage won the whole damn thing. It’s not like you didn’t see it coming from a mile and ¾ away after the 26 minute “Jeffrey didn’t sew his own clothes and went over budget” saga. Yay – just what America needs …more neo-punk, neo-goth freak clothes. If you really care, you can read an interview with his cocky ass and neck tattoo here. Uli’s collection wasn’t as haggard looking as her face. Maybe now that it's all over she'll have time to take a nap. So very living-the-American-dream though...Laura’s 4-inch stilettos worked overtime to hold up her supermom-pregnant ass on the runway. I liked her collection best. While it wasn’t all that adventuresome, it was classy and well-made. Plus she gets bonus points because she’s a little bitchy-like me…except I don’t look like a man.Michael’s collection came straight off the rack at d.e.m.o. It was all just so Apple Bottom of him. I really like Michael and I think he’s talented. I hope this collection was a fluke and he doesn’t go straight to dressing cheap hookers. He blames it on his youth. I think it’s because he’s black. He didn't have a chance. You know Tim Gunn can’t just isn’t ready for a not-quite-gay black man to win.
If you didn't catch the show, you can view some pictures on the Project Runway website or just tune into Bravo -- I'm sure they'll be rerunning it for the next 3 months or until Project Runway 4.

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