Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Firecrotch has Diarreahmouth

Remember when Lindsay Lohan did that interview with Vanity Fair and she said a bunch of things she regretted? Well, she's at it again. This time Linds told News of the World that she's a drug using slut with some food issues and a big, old heap of self-destructive tendencies. No sugar-coating necessary. She gave it to them raw like sushi...or her last album title. Here are some kibbles and bits:

"I feel like I've lived five lifetimes and I am only 20," she says in one of the most searingly frank interviews ever given by a Hollywood A-lister. Um....That's because you're awake ALL THE TIME. "You have to hit rock bottom sometimes to get yourself back to the top." "I feel like I've lived five lifetimes and I am only 20," she says in one of the most searingly frank interviews ever given by a Hollywood A-lister. "You have to hit rock bottom sometimes to get yourself back to the top." The worst pile-up was her collision with anorexia and bulimia— fuelled by a partying lifestyle which left her in hospital time after time as her body struggled to cope with the stress of her rapid rise to fame. Lindsay's most recent hospitalization came in July this year while shooting her latest film Georgia Rule. She bravely admits: "I was making myself sick. Sometimes being that thin doesn't look healthy. I kind of didn't realize that. "One time when someone asked me if I was OK I just started bawling. I knew I had a problem and just could not admit it. "My arms were disgusting. I had no arms. I had people sit me down and say, ‘You're going to die if you don't take care of yourself'." She admits to using drugs "a little" as she tried to escape the depression of anorexia. "I've tried pot. I hated it," she says. Etched in her memory is the most chilling night of her life in 2004 when she was just 18. She was at the house of her then boyfriend, 26-year-old actor Wilmer Valderrama. "I felt so sick. I lay down on the bed and started getting these shooting pains. I was screaming, throwing things, because the pains were so intense in my head," says Lindsay. "I ended up in hospital. My liver was swollen and I had a kidney infection and my white blood cells were accelerated. I was really, really white, like a ghost, and my legs were so numb from not walking. My body did not have enough strength to take a shower." Two years on, Lindsay is slowly beginning to rebuild her body and her life. Although still very thin, she has gained some weight and remains optimistic about her future. "I feel great about my body now," she says. "When I was in hospital I was overworked and stressed out and that's when they started talking about my weight. Now I am comfortable in my own skin and I like having a shape and having breasts the size they are."

But while she has had a difficult relationship with food, there has never been anything wrong with Lindsay's sexual appetite. The wild child has had a string of dalliances with celebs like John Lennon's son Sean, Bruce Willis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Farrell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix. She confesses: "Sex And The City changed everything for me because those girls would just sleep with so many people. And that's me. I'm not dating just one person. "It is the variety of partners everyone likes, especially at my age. I'm like Angelina Jolie, taking on lovers. I don't need a steady relationship. "I mean if the sex is bad, the relationship's not going anywhere. Anyway, I don't even think I have had my best kiss yet." Lindsay admits: "I have only been in love once and that was with Wilmer. "But the timing was bad. And there were all these girls around. He would flirt and I couldn't handle that. I couldn't trust him. "My mum's going to kill me for talking about sleeping with people—but if I'm going to give my body to someone, I'd rather them not be with other people. It's very old-fashioned. "The guys I am really attracted to now don't drink, don't smoke and don't do anything else."

Basically we can sum up this whole interview with "Please mommy, pay attention to me."

This story sounds as regurgitated as my breakfast. Haven't we really heard this song and dance before? Anyway, judging from her recent activities (like walking into a car while carrying a pizza box in front of her face, throwing it at the photogs and then driving off with her parking brake on and then trying to flag down a cop on the street a few minutes later at 6:45am) things haven't slowed down for Lindsay. So while she likes guys who don't drink, smoke or do anything else...I hope she's eyeing up guys who like drinkers, smokers and girls who do it all.

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Anonymous said...

When did LL become British? "to hospital" & "mum"--someone is either yanking your chain or LL is still getting "advice" from Kate Moss.