Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Something Smells Like Poo

Boy, I've really been a little off lately...

I'm not sure how I could forget this but Kevin Federline dropped his big turd yesterday! "Playing with Poop" was released at some hillbilly Halloween party with the Federlines ...remember the one I told you about...where Kevin gives away a pair of his used sneakers. I was jolted back into this sad, twisted reality when I saw K-Fag on this morning's rerun of yesterday's Megan Mullally. He talked about how he likes shoes and then gave Karen her very own pair of Keds with the MM logo on them. I'm so not kidding. He also talked about how he wants to be on CSI again (please God no) and then performed his song. Rating it on a scale from 1-10, still falls above songs like "does your chain hang low." Unfortunately for him, he's unable to garner support for his shit music like the rest of the current-day hip hop fools. Two of his affordable ($20-ish) concerts have already been cancelled -- Atlantic City and Cleveland-- and another one is in danger of cancellation. NY keep your fingers crossed.

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